Cheapest Method To Move To Canada From Africa

Are you looking for the cheapest method to move to Canada from Africa with a good position, of course, many want to leave their countries for another for some reason but the cost of this opportunity is on the high side and not everyone could afford it.

However, if you are looking for the cheapest method to move to Canada from Africa with a high IELT and zero proof of finance then follow these steps.

Now let’s search for the cheapest method to move to Canada From Africa

Movement with Express Entry Program

The Express Entry method is typically very strict migrating to Canada through Express Entry because your IELT should be 6.0 plus and this is a federal route you could use to move to Canada from Nigeria.

But with this method to move to Canada from Africa, the immigration would think as required that every individual traveling through Express Entry must or should have all documents required.

However, even though their courses are demanding with a lot of checks before anyone could move, at the same time it is the fastest method to move to Canada from Nigeria for those individuals asking for this route seems strict but it is fast.

An Outline to Follow

Stage 1. Now for starters, you should gather information about Canadian travel programs, offices, and rules.

Stage 2. Gather information concerning the IELTS, study, and give IELTS as if you are from a non-local English language country.

Stage 3. Go to the expert abilities and be cleared by the Canadian abilities evaluation bodies for travelers just like when you want to apply for CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System).

Stage 4. Create an Express Entry profile.

Stage 5. Your profile will be arranged in the Express Entry pool contingent on your places.

Stage 6. You will also have to find a new line of work from a Canadian manager after you must have gotten encouragement to apply (ITA) for Canada.

Stage 7. You will submit medical PCC and different documents.

Stage 8. Now apply for a Canada visa and move to Canada.

These few stages are what you need to process your movement to Canada through Express Entry.

Statistics show that about 17 million Nigerians stay overseas and about thirty-six thousand achieved that through travel by sea, and seem now getting a permanent residency in Canada is easy for Nigerians as well.

However, moving to Canada you might want to do it through the right process and you don’t want to encounter any difficulties during your stay.

You should read the next paragraph properly as Victor Jegede’s PR in Canada Blueprint has assisted many Nigerians with their migration to live in Canada.

This next phase will be to help educate you to make good decisions through Victor Jegede’s PR in Canada Blueprint.

What’s in Victor Jegede’s PR in Canada Blueprint?

This PR in Canada blueprint is a guideline for you to read when you want to start your migration process and it has helped some individuals get across. The outline gives you some level of insight on how to move to Canada, such information like:

  • The most effective method to migrate to Canada utilizing either FEEP or PNP.
  • An outline of your CRS point including your family size and in particular your age.
  • Instructions to intelligently make and present your Express Entry Profile with designs.
  • How the Express Entry Program joins with Provincial Program.
  • A rundown of monetary ramifications your need to consider forthright.

PR Blueprint guides you from certain mistakes applicants make when applying to move to Canada, these problems are the type that can destabilize your entire process in a blink. However, the PR in Canada Blueprint can assist in these paths:

  • How the Express Entry Program joins with Provincial Program.
  • Step-by-step instructions to make an effective assessment profile with WES with designs.
  • A select extensive LIST of IELTS illustrations.
  • Step-by-step instructions to Avoid Common Errors Made by Applicants.
  • Data of how you can get the Designated Employers Database, from there, the sky is the limit.

Last Notes on the Cheapest Way to Relocate To Canada from Nigeria

Migrating to another country is literally what anyone wishes for especially when you have something different you want to do or learn from this country.

Many Nigerians want to travel and they always need a quick route but the best option is Express Entry as it is safe and reliable that is if you have and pass the necessary requirements.

There is also the Provincial Nominee and the Express Entry which we have been talking about from the onset, however, anyone you decide to research it to know the duration, cost, and how they will consider your application.

The Easiest Routes with low IELTS Scores to move to Canada from Nigeria

Now the result of your PR in Canada will be bent on how authentic you are but for the easiest route the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot or Home Care.

Through these channels you don’t really have to worry about a high IELTS score or even a degree to migrate, however, is in your hands to decide if you wish to start the process or not.

Who is the Rural and Northern Pilot Program for?

This rule also looks similar to the previous one as they can’t give proof of asset and IELTS as the case may be.

Through RNIP, you can move to Canada from Nigeria using Rural and Northern means but at some point, the Canadian government will stop this program.

Who is the Home Care Pilot Program for?

They don’t want to indulge in  IELTS and don’t have any Proof of assets. Now how it works with the Home Child Care Provider Pilot,

you move with low IELTS, and then you acquire the 2 years’ insight, you will now apply for PR in Canada and boom become a Canadian resident.

In the HCCP program many African, in Nigeria mostly have used this method to move to Canada as well. But Express Entry and PNP Thumped are the leading companies now.

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