Best Low Tuition Universities In Canada For International Students

Speaking of which universities in Canada offer some of the best low-tuition universities for international students, I guess you must have been searching for these universities that offer such affordable tuition fees.

Nevertheless, you have arrived at the right site at PuppyX Viral here we will update you on the best low-tuition universities for international students.

Canada has two national languages (English and French), so it will be beneficial for you to study in Canada as you will learn the second language in a short period, and that as well will boost your resume.

For domestic and international scholars Canada gives you the best tuition universities for both if you wish to get a higher education overseas.

What Are The Conditions For Studying In Canada?

The requirements are based on the institution you are applying for, some requirements include fluency in French or English Language.

Just like in your country before you seek admission to enter a university you must first have your secondary school certificate.

And for you to start looking or applying for a master’s degree program you will need your first degree to access that master’s degree program.

However, going for masters you also need some extra documents like; GRE/GMAT score and transcript from your previous college.

Is Studying In Canada An Option For Me?

This question has been on repeat, but the truth is you can study in Canada even though you can’t pay the tuition fee, however, that could be possible through a scholarship.

So, if you can’t afford Canadian tuition fees you should do research for good scholarship programs and start your application one step at a time.

List Of Best Low Tuition Universities In Canada For International Students

Brandon University

Brandon University has one of the low tuition fees in Canada for students who want to acquire higher learning from a different nation/country.

The university’s tuition fees depend on your field, course of study, or major as the case may be, at Brandon University citizens pay 1,754 – 5,502, CAD, and about 13,000 CAD for international students.

University Of Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan has good tuition for both students, with an estimate of 7, 644 CAD for Canadian students and 17, 504 CAD and 120 CAD tuition deposits for foreign scholars.

And for their undergraduate program, it is calculated by the cost of each separate program, however, for you to know the price of the class you will know the category and then multiply it by credit units.

University Of Regina

Regina University has an affordable price when it comes to tuition fees also it depends on the degree you are going for. For international students, undergraduate tuition is an estimated 8,000 – 9,700 CAD and a 500 CAD tuition deposit.

University Of Guelph

At Guelph University located in Ontario Canada, foreign students pay about 35,467.3 CAD while citizens pay an estimated 14,000 CAD, now this standard of university is supposed to cost more but they made it possible for their tuition fees to be less even with the quality of education they provide for every scholar.

Simon Fraser University

Fraser University is one of the low-tuition universities in Canada for international students with tuition fees of 12, 125 CAD and 2, 770 CAD for Canadian students, the location is in British Colombia with affordable tuition.

Canadian Mennonite University

This university offers good education to international students at a rate of 10,770 CAD and 6,150 for citizens. Canadian Mennonite University is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba with a good learning environment.

Memorial University of Newfoundland

The memorial university has nice tuition and admits so many international students, ranging from 11, 460 CAD and 3, 330 CAD for Canadian scholars. The college with its low price of tuition has made it possible for many scholars to have wonderful experiences in a different country.

Laval University

Laval is among the best low-tuition universities in Canada for international students, they have a quality standard of learning. Their tuition for Canadian students is 7, 637,76 and for 18,151.6 CAD for international students also the basic tuition is 2,900.76 CAD.

University of British Columbia

British Columbia has different tuition fees for separate degrees and programs, just like other schools. However basic tuition is 500 CAD, for MBA scholars an estimate of 7,126.74 CAD per semester, and others start from 8, 952 – 8, 952 CAD.


This is the list of best low-tuition universities in Canada for international students and they should be in your agender if you wish to travel and you might be looking for low-tuition universities in Canada.

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