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Tips On How To Get Job In Canada From Nigeria

Currently, everyone in the country is looking for how to get a job in Canada to enable them to leave the country. Speaking from the recent situation in the country, citizens are been biased on what the outcome of the 2023 elections will look like, to be exact the presidential election.

Typically people from different parts of the world want to leave their country for many reasons best known to them.

However, it is mostly for Jobs, Health, and Education and they all have to be processed from your country before you hit the road.

From Nigeria, you make arrangements for your visa, and accommodation, whether for jobs or you are going for a degree.

However, on how to get a job in Canada from Nigeria, Puppyxviral will guide you through the processes and channels you might want to use to get a job in Canada.

Tips On How To Get Job In Canada From Nigeria (How To Apply)

To get a job in Canada you don’t necessarily have to be present in Canada because there are job sites like; Indeed, Canada jobs, and Eluta you can use to apply from any part of the world.

Moving to Canada before getting a job is also good, that is if you have all the resources to live there before finding a job, that is why most people get a job before leaving.

You need more qualifications when applying, experience is something you have to include in your portfolio because every organization looks out for more experienced individuals to hire.

Next is your visa, a working visa is required which should be the first thing you should provide, get a visa before you start applying.

However, how to get a job in Canada from Nigeria you will be asked to provide some vailed information for your country’s immigration to process your visa.

Identity Proof

You don’t intend to stay in Canada for the rest of your life would you? However, many individuals don’t have an answer to this question.

That is why when you are applying on how to get a job in Canada from Nigeria you will be asked to provide proof of identity.

This document will note that at some point you must go back to your great country, with the help of a valid passport you provided when applying.

Canada Requirements

As we pointed out earlier, proof of identity is one of them, you should check your country’s requirements from their online platform.

Because different country applies different requirements in the Canadian system, take some time to conduct more research on what is required of your country’s citizens to enter Canada.

Application Fee

This is available on the CIC platform, every immigrant will pay an application fee before entering Canada, which should sever as tax for the job.

However, I don’t really know how much is involved but it shouldn’t be that expensive, application fee will stand as a pass for you to work in Canada freely.

However, on how to get a job in Canada from Nigeria faster, you should consider Express Entry because it has helped many individuals with the same interest.

They have programs for those intending for permanent residence, mind you ITA takes up to 12 months while in the pool you might want to open a fresh profile and start the process until your ITA arrives.

Also, the express entry platform has different categories when it comes to permanent residency, they include; Canadian Express Class, Federal Skilled Trades Program, and Federal Skilled Worker Program.

Job Offer Letter

When you finally get a job in Canada from Nigeria, make sure your Canadian company sends you a written job offer.

Because the immigration office wouldn’t want a situation where you come into the country with no rights to work.

How to get a job in Canada from Nigeria, you’ll have a working visa then when you get a job offer the organization will give you a written job letter to confirm your stand.


How to get a job in Canada, you will have to prove to the Canadian authorities that you can live in the country comfortably.

Your curriculum vitae should be impressive enough, your financial backing should be optimal and as we mentioned previously your experiences should be included.

The eligibility test is to ensure you are competent and would deliver on the job of your chosen, of course, you will have to present results of good qualifications in your past academic achievements.

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