How To Get Dubai Visa In Nigeria

Vacation is one thing but visiting a beautiful country/city is another thing, Dubai is that city that comes to mind. And getting a Dubai visa on time is important before your travel plans start falling into place.

The city is located in the United Arab Emirates and has many side attractions you would want to start living there, from different parts of the world people mostly choose Dubai for vacation.

Dubai’s location makes it almost impossible for the city to experience rainfall, so they create their own rain in Dubai.

That is unlike the general conventional rainfall every part of the world experience each year Dubai creates its own with the help of ultramodern technology.

Speaking of side attractions Dubai has an 830 meters tower known as the Burj Khalifa, with several skyscrapers and their general language is Arabic.

Dubai is a tourist center for anyone who wants to visit a beautiful place for vacation and have a wonderful time.

How To Get Dubai Visa In Nigeria Requirments And Eligibility

Before embarking on how to get a Dubai visa for travel, you must confirm your eligibility. There are criteria in the process you might want to check to see if you have all the requirements to get a Dubai visa.

Because some individuals might think it’s a tourist city anything can go/access the city. However, that is not the case there are requirements to enter lots of countries and Dubai is not excluded they have things you must provide before you can get a Dubai visa in Nigeria.

Before we get to the necessary requirements you should know this aspect of Dubai visa. As a Nigerian planning on traveling to Dubai, know that the Arab city has different types of visas for visitors, this means you will be aware of the number of days you have to spend.

There is a multiple ninety-day entry and also a ninety days single entry which is for three months for quick visits for medical or pleasure purposes.

Another Dubai visa type in Nigeria is the thirty-day visa, they have single and multiple entries which makes it more flexible for individuals looking for how to get a Dubai visa in Nigeria.

Among the above they have the ninety-six hours visa which is the short among the types of Dubai visas this could be used for stopovers for any urgent activities for a period of four hours only.

And then, the fourteen days visa for Dubai travelers, however, if you want to move to Dubai either for business or pleasure there you have the kind of visa you might want to use depending on your schedule.


Marriage Certificate; for couples intending to visit Dubai you will have to make available your union certificate.

Account Statement/Proof; for every individual you will have to provide this document carrying your past six months’ transactions to show the immigration that you can afford your travel expenses.

Security Deposit; about 5% for a non-furnished apartment and 10% for a furnished apartment, and this charge is refundable upon eviction. Nigerian Passport; you should make copies of your passport to prove your bio-data when required.

Visa Application Form; complete your visa application with capital letters and make sure it is well articulated before submission.

Invitation Letter; for those going to Dubai for the purpose of visiting someone you must provide a valid letter of invitation from a residence. The letter will contain the addresses of your relatives,

contacts, dates of your visit, and the number of weeks/months of your visit. Your airline ticket; cross-check your ticket and make sure you have your travel date memorized to help you not miss your flight.

Proof of living quarters; when you are leaving your country try as much as possible to confirm your arrival apartment.

When you get an invitation from a residence it is okay but when you don’t have anyone for such you make sure you make arrangements for accommodation.

Visa Category

Now depending on the type of journey you are going for you should cross-check for the right visa category to apply for. However, Puppyxviral will give a rundown on the types of visas available for you to know which to pick at the moment.

Visit Visa; for you to get this kind of visa, you must have someone already residing in Dubai that will sign up for you as your receiver to make it possible.

Transit Visa; when you are not spending days in Dubai you are only in transit which will take a couple of hours, this visa is what you go for.

Tourist Visa; apart from using the visit visa to see your loved ones in Dubai, you can also do such through a tourist visa. If you want to check out Dubai’s beautiful attractions and explore every part of the amazing city this is your visa.

Business Visa; for corporate affairs, meetings, music/movie videos,s and what have this is your visa which means once you have a business visa you can go about your business in Dubai.

However, you can read more from their main platform at UAE Visa to get other information you did see in this post.

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