Top 10 Interesting Facts About Nigeria

Nigeria as one of the most populated countries has many interesting facts, just like different individuals have their idea of fun in divers things and events.

Nigeria could be many things but they are hospitable set people with many interesting facts to watch out for.

However, not alone the people there are interesting facts you will learn about the country, their diverse way of life to tradition.

You should know Nigeria has several cultures from the Igbo, Hausa, and Yoruba with these three tribes they still have other cultures under these tribes.

The way of life is different compared to someone coming from overseas, the country is filled with interesting facts that are captivating.

However, we at Puppyxviral won’t bore you with many details but we shall dive into the main topic, top 10 interesting facts about Nigeria.

10 Interesting Facts About Nigeria

The Nigeria Movie Industry

The popular Nollywood is a Nigerian-based film industry that portrays all kinds of Nigerian movies.

And the kind of film they dish out is one of a kind, the people connect very well with the storylines/plots.

Mostly, Nollywood movies are based on true stories about the things happening in the environment as they say, a man is a product of his environment.

Nigeria movie industry Nollywood is the second largest movie industry, with great ideas they reproduce the events occurring in their surroundings.

The Nollywood film industry’s target used to be generally the indigenous Nigerian market which is the main reason for its origination.

However, in recent times Nollywood movies and filmmakers are now breaking into the international market/streaming platforms such as Prime Video, Netflix, and more.

Natural Wonders

Apart from Nollywood as one of the interesting things in the country, there are natural wonders to explore.

You should know that a town in Nigeria is known for producing twins, shocking right? So if you want to have twins you might want to head over to Igbo Ora.

You might want to go on an adventure trip to the Yankari National Reserve where you will see interesting wildlife.

In the country some tribs are not allowed to marry from some parts it might be considered an abomination and the land might be angry.

Production Of Oil

The interesting fact about Nigeria is the mineral resources in the country are so much they recently discovered uranium in some parts.

Meanwhile, Nigeria is one of the biggest oil-producing countries in Africa and this is the main business of the country.

The citizens have understood how to harness this mineral, and most businessmen and politicians own oil well.

Currently, in Nigeria the commercial city which is Lagos is home to the new refinery owned by the Dangote group of companies.

And in Lagos, there are a good number of beaches, and nightlife you can have so much more fun in this city than ever check out the art galleries as well.

Nigeria The Gaint Of Africa

This is a huge name and most African countries are arguing against this fact, but this is an interesting fact about Nigeria.

However the title became more famous when the musician Burna Boy put the name on his album, but for the case of the country, it is a different scenario.

The assertion of the name African Gaint of the country is due to the population, economic potential, and huge political achievements.

However, that is not all but a few because there are more to the list but due to some misguided and lack of maintenance of some of those achievements we cant point them out.

Noble Laureates

Another interesting fact about Nigeria is something you would not have thought of because Nigeria is blessed with greatness and wonderful treasures.

As one of the interesting facts about Nigeria, you should know the country is home to Wole Soyinka and Chinua Achebe both have won the Noble Laureates price in different years.

Apart from this literature in the country is growing every day you should hear poets from here speak, away from music Nigeria is making moves in this area and art also.


Sports, in general, is for every country to participate but most countries love it and are passionate about sport.

And believe me, Nigerians can’t do without sports more, especially football, check in the English/Premier League you will find a bunch of Nigerian players.

However not only in football Basketball, Cricket, Racing, and lots more you will definitely find Nigerians participating.

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