What Are The Things To Do In Nigeria

Nigeria is a beautiful country with many tourist attractions, there are interesting things to do in Nigeria. Whether as a visitor or you are based in the country, there is room for everyone to explore the culture of Nigeria.

The West African country has 36 states and it might interest you that each state has a different pattern of hospitality, food, and culture.

However, when you visit you should try checking out all 36 states probably the capitals you will have a pleasant adventure experience.

A trip to Nigeria for someone who has lived all their lives in the Western world would be a captivating experience with the support of the fantastic rich foods, and cultural heritage of the country.

Nevertheless, Nigeria is a great place with awesome people and things to do in Nigeria are so much you would want to start with any of them.

However, Puppyxviral will not hesitate on taking you on a journey through the natural heritages of the West African Country Nigeria, which you should look out for either as a visitor or a residence.

Things To Do In Nigeria (Tuorist/Residence)

The Delicious Nigerian Dishes

No one can reject Nigerian delicacies, many foreigner have shared their mind-blowing feedback after tasting any Nigerian food.

Talking about the natural and popular Jollof rice, Afang soup is well known in Cross Rivers State, White soup for the Rivers people, and the captivating Amala Awedu and Gbegiri in Lagos state and other parts of the western states in Nigeria.

Visit The City Of Lagos

Lagos is the international hub of Nigeria with active seaports and a recent sea port was commissioned in 2023 by the outgoing president Muhamadu Buhari.

Things to do in Nigeria, a trip to Lagos alone might keep you occupied for weeks because there are lots of engagements in the city.

However, if you are the outgoing type from the Mainland to the Island is a whole mood you just have to choose your type of adventure.

There are several beaches in Lagos you can visit the Good Beach, or Landmark Beach, then if you want to party/club there are countless nightlife activities both on the Island and Mainland.

Lagos is surrounded by water but on the Island, there is water everywhere most houses are built on water.

And there you have the Third Mainland Bridge, it is said to be one of the longest in Africa before the emergence of the 6th October Bridge in Cairo.

The bridge links the Mainland to the Island and vice versa, the Balogun market close to the seaport is where you can buy affordable outfits and other items.

Natural Wonders In Nigeria

The Aso Rock

The Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria is the city of Abuja, where the president of the Federal Republic resides.

However, on things to do in Nigeria, the Aso Rock is on the outskirt of Abuja and is located in the area where the presidential villa is, and both share the same name Aso Villa.

This area is considered home to every president of the Federal Republic, meanwhile, the Aso Rock is the most clean and attractive rock in the country.

Driving around it you will be captivated and tempted to reach out for your phone/camera, but mind you the area is heavily guided by the Nigerian Army, and pictures/videos are restricted.

Speaking from experience I almost fell victim to my visit to Abuja, the Aso Rock and its environment were so beautiful I need to make some videos, however, I was stopped by military personnel.

Nigeria Wildlife

There are a lot of natural attractions in Nigerian but so many do not realize that Nigeria has wildlife.

The Yankari Game Reserve

Bauchi State is where the national park was designed initially, however, it has been redesigned for the purpose of the Yankari Game Reserve.

The Yankari Reserve accommodates antelopes, elephants, baboons, and many more, you can have a nice picnic and indulge in a safari drive.

Afi Mountain

Cross Rivers State is known for its delicious dishes which bring people from all walks of life to come and experience the taste of Cross Rivers State miles, you might not be looking for things to do in Nigeria when you visit this state.

However, due to their specialization in cooking a 27 years old female Hilda Baci from the state just recently broke Cookathon Guinness World Record.

The same state is home to the Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary which was made for wildlife that are in harm’s way.

You can stay on a trip here and see the beauty of nature on display in the Afi Mountain and you get the opportunity to climb it and make some memories.

Historical Landmarks

Ancient Benin Kingdom

Benin City is one of the ancient kingdoms that existed from the 13th to 19th century, the city is the capital of Edo State.

Benin has many side attractions one could look out for, an example you can go and see the Great Walls of Benin Kingdom and hear the historical aspect of those Walls.

Take A Trip To Lekki

When you visit Lagos probably if you are settling on the Island or Mainland, there are things you have to do.

However, you should go take a look at the Art and Craft market, there are many art galleries that feed your eyes with natural artworks, visit the Lekki conservative center.

Things to do in Nigeria, you know Lagos has more number of beach than any other state in Nigeria because of the ocean, you should visit any of the nice beaches and you know there are lots of things to do on the beach.


What are the things to do in Nigeria? there are so many fun activities, historical landmarks, the natural foods in Nigeria.

Relaxation is assured whenever you come to Nigeria, however, it all depends on your kind of personality and the things you want to indulge in.

Have in mind what Puppyxviral has described here in this amazing post things to do in Nigeria, are nothing but a few because there are many interesting things to do in Nigeria.

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