Developed Countries In The World

There are many developed countries in the world but few are on the top pick as the most developed countries in the world.

Before any country can be listed as industrialized/developed it must have a sound gross domestic product (GDP).

Development in this context is more than what you might have perceived, it has to do with the human development index as well because a country that is developed without its citizens has no good development.

However, it might interest you to know that many African countries are seen as underdeveloped, this should be due to the level of human development in those areas/countries.

However, confirming how development has reached a country and how much the country has accomplished is mostly determined by industrialization, literacy, the standard of living, and life expectancy.

After pointing out what to look out for in the developed countries in the world, Puppyxviral will give you a rundown of those countries seen as developed countries in the world.

List Of Developed Country In The World


The gross domestic product in Canada is about 1.5 trillion and life expectancy is 81.67 years, also the country is big on energy exportation among many others.

The country has one of the large oil reserves with many service industries making the country one of the most developed countries in the world.


Among developed countries in the world, Denmark as a country doesn’t have as many mineral resources apart from oil and gas with a life expectancy of 80 years.

Denmark’s gross domestic product is 210.1 billion and $37,657 per capita considering the fact that the cost of living is high and the country depends more on human resources.


The country is one of the most remarkable ones in history with high industrialization, and a population range is 83.2 billion.

Germany is a European country with a much population, with the idea of a social market economy with a GDP of 4.26 trillion USD.

The country has a large landscape of forests and rivers, the fertility rate is 1.53 with Berlin as its capital.


Amsterdam the capital of the Netherlands has a good number of cycling parts which they recently converted even more significant roads to cycling routes making life good and smooth in the country.

The country is also known for its tulip fields, canals, and remarkable museum such as the Rijks and Van Gogh museums.

However, the Netherlands is one of the most developed countries in the world with about 17.53 million in population, a gross domestic product of 1.013 trillion, and 63,370 per capita the country is doing well in northwestern Europe to be exact.


The sovereign of Australia with its capital Canberra is known for its multiple islands, the country is located in Oceania as one of the largest in those regions and number six in the world ranking.

The commonwealth country’s life expectancy is 83.20 years, its population is 25.66 million people, and its gross domestic product of 1.327 trillion.

United State Of America

In line with the developed countries in the world, you should know Washington DC is the capital of the United States with its neoclassical monuments and skyscrapers sharing boundaries with Virginia likewise Maryland.

The United States has existed since 1790 calculatingly 232 years, the U.S. houses fifty states including Hawaii and Alaska even extending towards the pacific ocean.

The Population of the country is one of the most developed countries in the world is 331.9 million people with a life expectancy of 77.28 years and 23.32 trillion gross domestic product also GDP growth of 5.9% annually.


Marking out the developed countries in the world, Switzerland is famous for its high peaks, lakes, and villages surrounding it.

They love hiking and their most practiced profession is banking and finance most time we see on television in most series how rich people save their money in Swiss accounts.

Switzerland’s gross domestic product is 800.6 billion with a population of 8.703 million and life expectancy here is 83.10 making it one of the most developed countries in the world.


Oslo the capital of Norway on the southern coast of the country, the environment is usually green environment.

One of the most developed countries in the world is Norway, from history Vikings had a lot in Norway it was their land from the 9th century even the Viking ship museum is still in existence in Norway.

Speaking of a developed country you should understand that Norway has a very high human development index of 0.961 which is not common in other countries.

The Scandinavia country is known for its numerous mountains and deep coastal fjords likewise their interesting wooden houses just like in the Vikings era.

They keep to their culture with a population of 5.408 billion people living in the developed country, with a gross domestic product of 482.2 billion and 67,329.68 per capita.

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