How To Apply For International Passport In Nigeria

The rate at which Nigerians are seeking an international passport is rising compared to what it used to look like a few years back.

Coming from the aspect of what the outcome of the just concluded elections would have looked like if proven otherwise.

Citizens of this great country were scared that there could be a worst-case scenario in the country that will lead to a state of emergency.

Ever since the citizens have been on their feelings and applying with all tenacity to acquire an international passport and leave the country.

Nigeria is a good place don’t get that twisted, just that the kind of leader the country has been assigned to over the years is very unfortunate.

A country blessed with natural resources, an oil-producing country with several mineral resources that could supply the needs of every citizen and entertain foreigners.

However, the reverse is the case and when the situation of a country is not favorable to the inhabitants/citizens you will see a massive number applying for an international passport to leave the country before time.

On the other hand, applying for an international passport in Nigeria must be patient because it will take some months because of the long cue of applicants at the Immigration offices.

There has been an upgrade on the Nigerian international passport if you have the old one you should visit the Nigerian immigration to renew.

When you are applying for an international passport you should know that there are two types of passports the e-passport and the standard e-passport.

For the Nigerian international passport, you have to apply early enough because of delays at the immigration office and portal.

However, Puppyxviral will take you on a ride on how to apply for an international passport in Nigeria, to know the documents you need when applying for either the e-passport or the standard e-passport.

How To Apply For International In Nigeria (Requirement)

For Official E-Passport

  • Marriage certificate where applicable
  • Provide a police statement in the case of a lost passport
  • A written introduction letter from the State Government, Federal Government Ministry, or an Organization
  • Appointment letter/last promotion

When you gather all the documents above you should submit them to the Nigerian Passport Office, Embassy, or High Commission office for processing of your international passport.

You Don’t want to be carefree with your documents and put them in the right hands as directed if not when handed over to the wrong set of people you might be asked to do the process again.

For Standard E-Passport

  • Two Recent color passport photographs
  • A Police statement report in case of a lost passport
  • Your guarantor’s form must be before a commissioner of Oaths, Magistrate, or a High Court Judge
  • Marriage certificate where applicable
  • Local Government letter of identification
  • Birth certificate/age declaration
  • A written letter from both parents to consent for minors under the age of 16 years

Remember all documents must be submitted to any of these offices; Nigerian Passport Office, Embassy, or High Commission for further processing of your international passport.

Easy Tips On How To Apply For International Passport In Nigeria

There are many ways you can apply just like there are several ways you can arrive at the same location through different routes.

But in the case of the Nigerian International passport, you have to follow the appropriate steps that would definitely get you the international passport you are seeking for.

First, you need to access the portal of Nigerian Immigration to choose the type of passport you wish for and hit the start button on the screen to begin.

Provide the information needed on the detail form, and passport application form online, and make the required payment to generate an application ID and reference number for you, have in mind your information must be correct before submission in the immigration portal.

Nevertheless, the duty of generating an application ID and reference number is to enable you to access the guarantor form, which should be signed by your sponsor and signed also by the court of law.

After the online application process, you will have to print the necessary documents required to be printed and submit them to Nigerian Immigration in person.

However, during your application, you should choose an Immigration Office closer or that has fewer individuals applying because during submission you will have to cue for hours.

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