How To Retrieve BVN Sim Card In Nigeria

The problem of lost BVN has increased more than what it was initially due to the loss of gadgets and sim cards, how to retrieve BVN is now one of the relevant topics.

Your gadget is one of the essential tools you carry about your daily affair which means you need a phone to navigate whatsoever you wish to archive each day.

Misplacing your gadgets might be a very terrible situation to handle as you will have to retrieve your number.

That will result in the loss of the majority of your contacts, not just that before you can get back your number from your service provider you need to provide some documents.

Bank Verification Number (BVN) is your financial identity and access to any Nigerian bank if in the wrong hands can be used to harm you financially.

However, if you haven’t opened any bank account before in Nigeria when you wish to open one BVN will be the first digital number assigned to you before an account number.

Some registrations require BVN most time but misplacing your gadget wouldn’t hinder you from carrying out transactions.

However, you might want to retrieve your sim card attached to your BVN immediately to avoid any form of bank issues and being unable to open a fresh bank account.

Your BVN contains your biodata so can be used to request transactions, the point is should at the time when you don’t know where your BVN sim card is you should find a means of retrieving it.

However, you might be wondering how you can get your BVN back, don’t worry Puppyxviral has got you covered with this post on how to retrieve BVN in Nigeria.

How To Retrieve BVN Sim Card In Nigeria

This should be the part you have been waiting on, to help you retrieve your lost BVN sim card which might be in the wrong hands.

Not having access to a phone at the moment you misplace your sim could be dangerous because if the individual holding your gadget is a criminal might access your finances.

Internet Banking

The Internet banking of Nigerian banks has made it available for users to access as much information as they want.

Ranging from transactions, bank statements, and bill payments (Gotv, Dstv, Electricity), inside every bank app lays useful options for their customers.

Speaking of Internet banking as a means of retrieving your BVN you have to first activate your Internet banking before you can access these services.

For activation, every bank has their code (USSD *565#) used in initiating their Internet banking then from there you will find the necessary information/options that will lead you to where you can retrieve your BVN.

Mobile App

Between Internet banking and the mobile app, there are huge similarities ranging from bill payments to checking the account balance.

However, their differences are also big when you analyze them because you can’t get your bank statement through Internet banking USSD code.

Using mobile banking you need to download the app from your ios play store or from your Android before you can make use of a mobile app.

While internet bank you don’t even need airtime/data to make a transaction which will require data if you use a mobile app.

After signing up you will receive your personal logins which you can use to access your account inside the mobile app.

The information you receive after registration should be kept private because if it gets into the hands of the wrong persons you are in danger because your BVN is also visible there.

Bank Customer Care

When such things happen as someone who has not had any experience your first thought/action should be going to your bank for complaints.

The customer care in every bank knows exactly what to do in times like this, all you have to do is provide the necessary details and they will take it up from there.

However, you can easily walk into any of the branches next to you and get your BVN retrieved imminently.

How To Change Your BVN Phone Number

  • Verify the validity of your BVN
  • Obtain an affidavit
  • Visit any of your bank branches
  • Provide a means of identification

For you to change your BVN phone number you will provide the above information to the bank, ranging from getting an affidavit which you will get from the court.

Then show a copy of each and your means of identification either a national identity card or a driver’s license will do and then your biometrics will be captured at the bank during the process.

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