How To Promote Your Music In Nigeria Easy Steps

The music business is making the most of the current generation with lots of great talents to enjoy. However, in how to promote your music in Nigeria, you should understand making music generally is a lifetime investment and one of the biggest businesses ever you need a lot of support.

That is why people invest in record labels without thinking of what to lose because once your artist gains an audience on streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, and Boomplay) you are in business.

Music is a universal language that can be used to communicate in all parts of the world, which is why music can make you feel different emotions.

It can make you happy, or it can make you sad without you knowing how the artist felt when he/she was producing the record, music is a powerful tool.

Most times you might not know how you are feeling, but when you play a track and you go like yes! That’s how am feeling, Music can describe your feeling.

However, in this post here on Puppyxviral we are navigating you through the process of how to promote your music in Nigeria as an artist.

How To Promote Your Music In Nigeria Few Steps

Get Into The Music Business

Making contact with people in the music industry speaking of music, knowing your next move. This aspect is where most record label owners miss, they start a label without knowing people in the industry.

This way they tend to spend more funds without achieving anything in the music business. You need to make/create relationships with top individuals in the industry, from OAPs Djs to TV stations.

When you do this when you drop a music-dependent artist or record label you will have your music on all these platforms with fewer funds because of the time you have invested.

Produce Good Music

Making good music is exactly what it takes to put yourself out there, most times good music blows by itself. Good music costs money, you have to work with a good producer and put your lyrics in place with good vocal delivery.

Make it good that when people listen to your tracks they want to listen to them over and over because they love what they heard previously.

How to promote your music in Nigeria, has to do with making good songs with easy and engaging lyrics that folks can relate with.

Music should be one thing you make with your heart to get the best of yourself and to impact your audience with a different emotion.

However, this does not guarantee your music going viral but consistency and improving your craft will take you there.

Follow Trends

We have so many platforms that carry lots of trends to our doorstep, talking about Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

Check what type/genre of song, beat/music that on trend and get involved in that trend, because at the moment that is exactly what everyone is interested in.

Of course, you can create a trend by cooking something different that will trigger the internet, but for the fact that you haven’t yet, just join the cue on any new trend.

How to promote your music in Nigeria you have to participate in what people want/like giving them what will spake up their minds, through new trends.

Use The Social Media Space

How to promote your music in Nigeria, Everyone has a social media space (an account) on every platform.

However, what you do with yours is nobody’s problem, now as an artist, your social media platforms should be your top priority.

Using those free spaces with your data of course to engage fans, introduce them to your page show them what you are made of.

Social media is a powerful tool for marketing any product/brand leverage it and put your music out there for fans to connect with your music.

Promote Your Music On Streaming Platforms

Putting your music on a streaming platform is the next level, having your music only on music download websites won’t pay you.

However, if you want to make money while promoting your music in Nigeria make use of all streaming platforms including Youtube.

Direct your fans to those streaming platforms through your socials, because the more they stream of course your pocket is getting big.

However, most upcoming artists don’t really have the capacity to push their tracks on these platforms, so they rely on free download platforms.

Nevertheless, in the current day music industry everyone no matter how little your capacity/reach is, you just have to make sure you get the music on those streaming platforms for better output and income.


This should be your next move after you have established a platform for yourself, collaboration is really easy for record labels.

This should be due to the money involved, they can easily pay for any collaboration. For an independent upcoming artist, you need to create these relationships for yourself so that you can get collaborations with big artists.

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