Uncertain About How To Immigrate To Canada? Several Steps To Lead You

Many individuals want to immigrate to Canada or travel out but don’t really know how to process it, while some feel like going to meet people for questions they might be deceived on the procedures.

However, some are ready they just want to know the method for Canadian immigration, somehow you do some research online and you see a few steps but you are not really satisfied.

You need something more authentic to start your immigration process to Canada because what you saw wasn’t good enough, however, you are in the right place now these steps here will lead you to immigrate to Canada.

Here Is A Helpful Summary Of The Process To Get You Started:

Step 1: Verify Your Eligibility To Immigrate To Canada

The first thing in this process of immigrating to Canada is you must confirm if you are eligible to migrate to Canada before any other thing. However, among others, these are major reasons why you might not be allowed to migrate as well.

  • Human or international rights infringement
  • Criminal record
  • Wellbeing or health
  • Money-related reasons
  • Distortion
  • Resistance to IRPA (Immigration Refugee Protection Act)

Step 2: Create Your Online Profile

You have to be conversant with the Express Entry portal especially if you’re not going for a hand work job it would be advisable to go for Express Entry.

Also, your best chances of getting an invite to apply (ITA) which is for permanent residence is through Express Entry, however, you will be providing your necessary documents, experiences, qualifications, and language to your Express Entry profile.

You will have to consider these two options if you haven’t written any of these approved examinations, enroll in the language learning courses, or retake the IELTS, CELPIPS, or TEF tests. They will help you improve your language skills as they are also the approved examination for language tests.

However, for your employment in Canada, you should visit the National Occupational Classification (NOC), same with your degree and document confirmation, which is Educational Credential Assessment (ECA).

Your ECA will be taken care of by these organizations, The Canadian International Credential Assessment Service (CICAS), Canadian Medical Council, Canadian Pharmacy Examining Board, The World Education Services (WES), and The Canadian Comparative Education Service (CCES).

Most of this cost a lot of money and as someone applying you should be financially ready, as well as your relatives who will contribute to your migration,

have in mind you won’t be allowed to enter Canada if you don’t have or provide verified financial proof. However, you need about $13,475 and for any relative, you will add up to an extra $3,500 as well.

Step 3: Correctly Complete Your Application

For you migrating to Canada as a caretaker you have to click on that area on your visa application as your application wont be the same as someone who is applying as self-employed.

For those who are talented workers, you will have to create an Express Entry profile, which would contain documents like your language skills and other important documents.

However, if you don’t have a job request then you will have to create an account with the job bank of Canada to complete your Express Entry registration.

And for those applying for a common visa, start-up visa, self-employed visa, Quebec-selected skilled worker visa, or family-sponsored visa you will have to mail your application.

Step 4: Pay The Application Fee

The application fee for an individual through the Express Entry application would be about $550 CAD, but those applying for their partner and also dependent will pay a higher fee.

However, if your payment didn’t go through or you haven’t completed your payments your application will not be processed, and the fee for spouse and children would be about $1,250 CAD.

Step 5: Wait For Your Visa

Don’t rush your application make sure you carefully input every piece of information correctly because it won’t be nice if you apply in a rush and make some mistakes and wait for up to six months to be rejected.

However, if you are rejected you can always do it better and re-apply, mind you the application takes longer sometimes it doesn’t matter if you applied through Express Entry they use a lot of time to confirm everyone’s application. 

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