Canada Student Visa – How To Apply

Canada is a nice country to study in as many international students are migrating with Canada student visa through scholarships and private sources.

Going to Canada to study you need a Canadian student visa and you have to apply through the right channels but for those whose courses won’t last up to 6 months, you don’t need a student visa.

To apply for a Canadian student visa while you are already in Canada is not the right process as it might put you under some form of pressure. And you will have to go back to your country to apply for a

Canadian student visa from scratch, so it is better you get the necessary things you need to be done while you are still in your country before you migrate because some of these mistakes might send you back.

Just like any other visa, a Canada student visa is renewable anytime, but not like anytime doesn’t mean after your course duration is over. Because this renewal is possible if your study is not completed but your student visa got expired.

And you can as well get a job with your Canada student visa and after your academic years are over if you wish to stay back you can as well apply for permanent residency. Canada student visa permit will be renewed easily if you are admitted to any institution as well.

Application Process For Canadian Student Permit

Different countries have their method of applying for their student visa, especially European countries, but Canada’s method of applying for and obtaining a student visa is two ways.

  • Online Application
  • Paper Application

Now if you wish to apply/for guidelines go to the CIC website (citizenship and Immigration Canada). Any application done manually is usually stressful and demanding just like your presence is always needed and this paper application takes longer than expected as well.

Because you will have to upload documents, but for online applications, you just have to send soft copies. among the online and paper application, the first one which is online is really easy and that’s what many international students are using.

How To Obtain Canada Student Visa

Step 1: Acceptance Letter: You definitely need one from the institution to which you are applying. Just like in your country if you are looking for admission into any college before you start processing or going to that school as a student you must be accepted through a signed letter.

However, if you don’t have any institution requesting for you, now you should start applying to institutions in Canada for admission and when you get your admission then you will be eligible to apply for a Canada student visa.

Step 2: Visa Application: The moment you receive your acceptance letter from the institution of your choice. Now is the time to apply for a Canada student visa through the CIC website only or you can take the process manually by going to the Canadian embassy in your country.

Step 3: Bio Data Questions: you will be asked to provide personal information about you, that is after you must have registered on the website. And you will have to answer those questions correctly to create your personal checklist.

Step 4: Create MyCic Account: you have to open an account with Citizenship and Immigration Canada because this account will be used to create a personalized checklist for you. And that is where you will be directed to submit your CIC application as well.

Step 5: The Interview: Many individuals are not really comfortable with this part of the process. However, this part of the process is where your faith will be decided upon, which is if you will be issued a Canada student visa or not will be based on the outcome of your interview so you have to be present likewise.

After Applying, What Next?

The very important question is this right here, now the moment your application has been processed you should know what is next already because you are leaving, get ready to travel.

However, after packing your passport and those important documents should be very close to you where you can get them out and show them to the immigration offers, as you are on your way to starting a new journey of higher learning in Canada.

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