How To Join The Nigerian Army With A Degree

The Nigerian Army is a prestigious armed force in the country and the most respected force in Nigeria.

To join the Nigerian Army is a privilege as a citizen of a country, to protect lives and property likewise defend the nation against foreign enemies.

Many patriotic citizens believe in and love their country so much that they could lay down their lives to secure it from matter that involves national security.

However, if you are such a patriotic citizen even after graduating from the university then you must have a role to play in the Nigerian Army.

Not every job description fits everyone, most jobs are for men of honor and integrity for example joining any military force is one of those jobs.

Now, moving on to graduates intending to pursue a career to join the Nigerian Army, there are two routes specifically for you.

Applicants can apply through the Direct Short Service Course (DSSC) or the Short Service Combatant Course (SSC) both are six months courses for Nigerian graduates before being admitted into the Nigerian Army.

Nevertheless, this is not the requirement as we move further Puppyxviral will disclose more necessary requirements on how to join the Nigerian Army.

How To Join The Nigerian Army (Requirments)

Physical Fitness

Not everyone can become a soldier that is because there is a certain level of physical fitness required of individuals who go for military training.

Everyone could register with a gym but not everyone can archive the purpose why they registered because not all could stand the test of time and persevere.

To join the Nigerian Army you must have been on your toes since getting yourself up to speed with physical training and most people have that naturally anyways.


Personally, I don’t think there are vitamins individuals take to add in height I mean that could have been one of the best/most sold products on earth.

Many individuals wish they could add in height but it is really unfortunate that it is one of the natural impacts that come with human genes.

In meters for females, you should be up to 1.56 in height and for males, you must be up to 1.65 tall, the military is sensitive to this factor.

As a brief person, you should consider this factor before you might want to pick any military form because you might be good in other aspects how about height?


The United States grants foreigners access to join the military with the help of giving them citizenship but for you to join the Nigerian Army you have to be from Nigeria.

This applies to the constitution you must be a Nigerian by birth to enter the military, probably there should be a way around it just like in the United States but should be through acquiring Nigerian citizenship.

Free Crime Record

From the first point, you should consider this factor because they will check your record if you have been involved in any capital crime.

Convicted fellows can not be admitted into the Nigerian Army you should be crime free if you wish to join the Nigerian Army.

However, another factor is your age like they usually say it is just a number well that number matters in the military.

If you wish to join the Nigerian Army you shouldn’t be below eighteen years of age or above twenty-six years of age, however, to be a graduate in Nigeria you must have passed 18 years.

Apart from your age being a factor you need to be composed remember it is a military business and if there is something they value most is composure.

Entrance Examination And Screening

How to join the Nigerian Army you must go for a screening, and every state in the country has a screening center. However, you might not have the opportunity to choose your screening state as it will be assigned to you.

The examination is compulsory you must be on time and avoid anything that will implicate you write accordingly and hope for the best result.

Processing the Nigeria Army Recruitment Form you should have the following documents ready.

You will need to provide your College Degree, Identification Letter, Birth Certificate, and Court Order/Police Report to confirm you have not been involved in any crime.

However, we at Puppyxviral have given you most of the necessary information you need but there should be more you might be looking for, do well to visit the Nigerian Army Recruitment website.

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