How To Make Coconut Oil | Steps To Make Coconut Oil At Home

Coconut oil is one of the leading natural oil, coconut oil is organic and good for the skin and your system as the case may be.

Looking at coconut you would be thinking this way, coconut when mashed produce milky juice and transparent water, so where is the oil coming from?

However, this post is all about your question about how to make coconut oil likewise the steps to make coconut oil at home.

Nevertheless, stick to this post and Puppyxviral will deliver you the necessary information you need to aid you in your coconut oil production.

Now before we proceed on how to make coconut oil | steps to make coconut oil at home, we shall, first of all, take a glance at the benefits.

Also, this includes the effects it can be used for and how it supports your daily activities when it comes to skincare and lots more.

Benefits Of Coconut Oil

  • It can be used as a body moisturizer
  • Makeup remover, both eyes, and face
  • Is used as a massage oil
  • It is used for Conditioning
  • Hair Moisturizer
  • It can be used as an anti-aging face moisturizer
  • Is used for cooking
  • It can also be used as a deodorant
  • Lip balm
  • Coconut oil stimulates hair growth

These are just the basic ones but trust me coconut oil is used in many ways not just limited to this few list. However, you could look up more benefits and usage of coconut oil on google, and definitely, you will find more.

How To Make Coconut Oil (Things Needed)

  • Matured coconuts
  • Hammer
  • Knife
  • Blender
  • Bowl
  • Sieve;
  • Chiffon cloth
  • A transparent jar (for pouring the coconut milk)
  • A smaller jar/bottle (for the oil)

Basically, this is the equipment you need so to say, for the production or the making of coconut oil. Nevertheless, the next paragraph will feature the process of how to make coconut oil | and the steps to make coconut oil at home.

Now, Follow These Steps Below To Learn How To Make Coconut Oil

The first step how in making this oil is just like the first approach to making dresses, you have to cut the material right?

But here in making coconut oil, you break the matured coconuts with a hammer, and then you can see what you are dealing with.

After the first process is done you now have to do some separation which requires you to separate the coconut flesh from the shell. This part is where you use the chopping board and knife to cut the flesh into pieces.

Now don’t forget you can either wash before breaking the shell and still wash the coconut flesh before putting them in a blender, that is you can wash twice or once.

You have to add water to the blender it is usually cold water everyone uses to blend but in this process of the oil, you apply warm water into the blender and blend.

The process of making the oil continues this part is where you have to pour out the blended coconuts and sieve the milk and pour back the chaff into the blender for another phase.

Now the second blending process is because the milk was not extracted properly, so you add water and blend again.

After the second blending, you have to sieve properly now with chiffon cotton to make sure you get those little parts.

So listen effectively, this is the most important part after you must have done the previous, now you have to put out the coconut milk into a jar and keep it in a warm place because this is the area where you facilitate the fermentation.

The fermentation takes up 24 – 48 hours to get to its actual potential, you just have to be patient to allow the coconut to ferment properly.

The facility needed to reach the fermenting required is heat so it all depends on the temperature of your environment.

However, people in the north have a better advantage of achieving this oil production in 24 hours because the northern part of Nigeria is usually very hot up there.

Because it won’t even take much time before the separation starts occurring it might even start separating while you are still blending this is how hot it is in the northern part.

During the fermentation process you will see the milk up and the water down, now when the coconut oil has finally moved away from both water and milk,

now you filter and get your naturally processed coconut oil into the perfect jar because it actually worth it.

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