Importance Of Breastfeeding To The Mother And Child

The topic is a crucial one in society today as 21st-century mothers would want to rely on extracted milk to feed their babies. Breastfeeding is important to a fault that every child should not be denied that opportunity.

Breastfeeding should not be overlooked but it should be overemphasized and the new generation of mums and dads should be the main target of such sensitization.

Most new parents prefer to engage the new infant with extracted milk than doing the whole job of breastfeeding, that’s right it is a job but you as a mum have to make that decision for the sake of your newborn.

From the point, the child is born upwards the child’s brain is developing and research has it that breast milk feeding helps in the development of a child’s brain.

However, apart from that, some kids don’t have some level of mutual connection/relationship with their mothers, right?

Now, most of those kids were not breaded with breast milk, like in Nigeria the Igbo will say “You behave in a certain manner because your mother didn’t breastfeed you properly”.

However, Puppyxviral after much research about the topic put this post together for the purpose of breastfeeding and its effect on newborns/infants, so read to the finish point to find out more about the topic.

Kinds Of Breast Feeding

Nevertheless, we have to take the topic seriously and get folks sensitized immediately for the well-being of newborns/infants. However, there are different types of breastfeeding but we shall be talking about two precisely:

Biased Breastfeeding

Many nursing mothers in this category jeopardize the breastfeeding of their infants with other milk extracts. At this point, the child is having different sensations and likewise, different information developing in the child’s brain which is not advisable.

Undivided Breastfeeding

World Health Organisation (WHO) supports this pattern of breastfeeding as it is important for your child’s development. Undivided breastfeeding is the best kind, which involves a mother feeding the little infant for a maximum period of six good months with her breast milk.

Importance Of Breastfeeding To The Child

What we listed here as the importance, have in mind there is more than this as the importance of this topic is much more, but here are some of the more crucial ones.

It builds a different connection between the mother and the child, helps in the mental development of the newborn infant also fight antibody, and protects the child from viruses.

Breast milk has vitamins, protein, and fat that an infant’s body needs for perfect growth, which reduces the risk of asthma also breast milk is super easy for infants to digest.

Kids who are breastfed for six months and above have low cases of ear infections, respiratory illness, also lower hospitalization.

Just like we’ve been saying since that children who are properly breastfed over time research says they have a higher intelligence quotient (IQ) in later childhood.

Lowers the nursing mum’s stress level and postpartum depression, also the mother has maternal fulfillment seeing the child develop through breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding your child with your breast milk prevents them from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and also, reduces the risk of diabetes and obesity.

Reduces the mother’s risk of breast, and ovarian cancers, and osteoporosis. And for the mothers feeding their child with breast milk burns excess calories and helps them lose pregnancy weight faster.

Nursing mothers need time to relax and during feeding, you get to enjoy the comfort of your newborn and bond more.

This part is very important for the stimulation and the release of the hormone oxytocin which will aid the uterus to return to its pre-pregnancy size, and also reduces uterine bleeding after birth.

Lowers the nursing mum’s stress level and postpartum depression, also the mother has maternal fulfillment seeing the child develop through breastfeeding.


It is important for the new mums (new parents) to take it upon themselves to see the importance of breastfeeding. This topic is crucial for the health of the newborn, remember breast milk is not for sale and is cheap as well so why not feed the infant to satisfaction?

Puppyxviral encourages you as a new mum to breastfeed your newborn, also breastfeeding is the window period for you as a new mum to study and understand the behavior and needs of your newborn and create that bond through eye contact and what have you.

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