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A Software Developer Needed In Canada At Hutch Systems Inc

Software Developers/Development is taking over tech jobs as many males and females are becoming tech bros/sis every single day.

Technology is advancing and Software Developers are taking the world by storm with how they code everything into existence.

Software Developers are the engineers behind the back end of many applications, software, and websites and what have you.

They use coding skills to better many areas in the tech industry making things more easier for everyone in their individual organization.

There is a higher rate of individuals right now trying to become Software Developers, which means the skill set is in high demand.

Hutch Systems needs a Software Developer that can handle the maintenance of applications and design software that moves the company forward.

However, Puppyxviral will quickly point out some basic information you might want to see before you proceed.

  • Location: Abbotsford, BC
  • Salary: Hourly payment of 42.50 and work 35 hours per week
  • Terms of employment: Full-time Flexible Hours
  • Start date: Start after employment
  • Vacancies: Two
  • Languages: English
  • Verified
  • Education: Bachelor’s degree certificate
  • Experience: Applicant should have up to a year not less than seven months

Software Developer Requirments

Speaking of requirements someone like you in this field (Software Developer) should already know what this information would be. However, most organizations might be asking for different requirements which is why you should pay attention to what Hutch Systems is asking from applicants.

  • We mentioned previously you should bachelor’s degree in computer science or a similar course
  • Applicant must have up to two years of experience in software development
  • Good when it comes to programming languages like Java, Python, C++, and more
  • Expertise idea of database management systems SQL, Oracle, and others
  • Knowledge when it comes to software development methodologies that is Agile and Scrum methodology
  • Ability to resolve issues also have analytical skills
  • Energy to function effectively in a team environment
  • Communication skills must be on point with good verbal and written skills also  

Software Developer Task

Usually, every software developer has a workload of tasks each week to complete while working with any organization. However, some others have a different task they would want you to indulge in which might not be included in what you already know, now here are what to expect from Hutch Systems.

As a software developer you write, modify, integrate also test software code before deploying to the front end.

Preserve existing computer programs by putting modifications as needed also communicate and identify technical problems making sure you provide solutions.

Developing reports, manuals plus documentation on the status of your operation and maintenance of software is included.

Participate in the collection and documentation of user requirements likewise the development of logical and physical specifications.

As a software developer, you have to research and evaluate more different software products in the organization.

Specializations of Software Developer Needed at Hutch Systems

  • NET
  • C#
  • HTML
  • JQuery
  • JavaScript
  • SQL

Software Developer Responsibilities

Responsibilities are part of the job whichever place you would find yourself but every organization has different responsibilities.

  • Analyze and debug software applications also make sure they have zero errors and reach specifications
  • Manage on-ground software applications by knowing and correcting software defects
  • Ability to function with customers to understand their requirements also offer technical expertise and resolve problems
  • Generate date with transpiring trends and technologies in software development
  • Generate software applications as directed by specifications
  • Fraternize with other members of the software development team to design and implement software solutions as needed
  • Software Developer should have the ability to write clean, maintainable, and systematic code

Who Can Apply For The Job Of A Software Developer

The Software Developer job is mainly for people based in Canada applicants has to be Canadian citizen, as a permanent or temporary resident of Canada.

Applicants should also have a valid Canadian work permit from the government that approves them as eligible to work in the country.

How To Apply For The Job Of A Software Developer

The application requires less stress while applying as you only have to send your application/curriculum vitae to their email at [email protected].

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