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Construction Workers Needed In Canada At Sharkbite Renovations Ltd

Construction workers worldwide are known for putting in much effort to make the environment look amazing.

Construction is also one of the high-paying jobs in the world, as multiple companies create more opportunities for new employees every year.

This job description requires lots of experience as you will show your new employer your previous project to confirm you have handled such in the past.

Individuals in this line of work usually have good physical fitness because construction requires a lot of energy as they work longer hours with heavy equipment.

However, construction workers needed in Canada at Sharkbite Renovations Ltd have their preferred requirements for potential applicants.

And Puppyxviral is here to bring you the required information you need to apply and successfully secure this job with ease.

Basic Information on Construction Workers Needed in Canada

  • Preferred Language; English
  • Education; Certificate or Diploma
  • Experience; Experience is a plus asset
  • Location; Surrey, BC
  • Start date; Starts as possible
  • Vacancies; Three
  • Salary: ranges from 26.50 hourly and you work 40 hours per week
  • Verified
  • Terms of employment: Full-time employment

Construction Workers Needed in Canada (Requirements)

As we mentioned earlier there are specific requirements from different companies, however, Puppyxviral has the necessary details you need for construction workers needed in Canada.

  • You must be conversant with power and hand tools for construction
  • Skilled in health and safety protocol and guidelines
  • Ability to work different shifts, weekends inclusive plus evenings
  • Your secondary school diploma or similar certificate
  • Past experience is valid in the construction industry/similar field
  • Ability to work function in a team environment and adhere to instructions
  • Applicant should have a driver’s license and reliable means of transportation
  • You should be fit physically plus the ability to lift up to 50 pounds
  • Applicant should know how to read and interpret construction plans also blueprints

Basic Tasks

These tasks below are what Sharkbite Renovations want from construction workers who would be employed to have these tasks in mind.

  • Make sure you clean and pile salvaged materials
  • The new employees will clean up chemical spills likewise other contaminants
  • Help to remove rubble plus other debris at sites
  • Applicant should be familiar with maintenance work
  • You should know how to load, unload and move construction materials
  • Ability to mix and spread materials
  • Participate in blasting rock/drilling on construction sites
  • Framing houses, erecting walls, and building roofs are your job
  • You will Pave and rake asphalt

Responsibilities of Construction Workers Needed in Canada

There are responsibilities assigned to every role in every organization that includes the janitor, drivers, and security guards.

However, in this post construction workers needed in Canada at Sharkbite Renovations, have different responsibilities for new construction workers.

Knowledge of heavy-duty equipment such as backhoes, excavators, and bulldozers. Follow safety and health guidelines also proper use of personal protective equipment.

Connect as a team with other construction workers likewise contractors to achieve seamless operations.

Maintenance is very important to construction companies, you will ensure tools and equipment are clean and in good condition.

As a construction worker, you will carry out various construction duties which include site preparation, excavation, concrete pouring, framing, roofing, and finishing work.

Good in using hand and power tools to complete construction tasks, also understand construction plans and blueprints to achieve accuracy, and follow specifications.

Who Can Apply for This Opportunity

Most job opportunities are open for everyone from any part, they just need to see your qualifications and experience.

And you stand a chance at the job offer, but in this post construction workers needed in Canada which is a changed scenario.

For you as an applicant to submit your curriculum vitae on this job construction workers needed in Canada you have to be a Canadian citizen, a permanent or a temporary resident in the country.

Next applicants must have a government-approved Canadian work permit that will ensure he/she can work freely in any organization in Canada.

How to Apply

This job opportunity doesn’t require much as you can apply easily because you can send your curriculum vitae directly to their email at [email protected].

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