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Catering Supervisor Needed In Canada At Pacific National Exhbition

Catering supervisor services have become a job of high demand in recent times as many organizations require excellent service from caterers every single day.

For their Lunch in the office, construction sites, movie scenes, and many more, because this can only be possible with the fantastic services of a catering supervisor/company.

Now in the case of the Catering Supervisor, the Pacific National Exhibition needs a supervisor with good catering experience.

However, the standard/quality of meals prepared at the Pacific National Exhibition will be the responsibility of the new catering supervisor.

Also, Puppyxviral will ensure you are walked through the process of this job opportunity to become a catering supervisor at Pacific National Exhibition.

  • Location: Vancouver, BC
  • Payment: 20.74 hourly 5 to 24 hours per week
  • Vacancies: Two
  • Nature of employment: Part-time
  • Verified
  • Languages: English
  • Start date: After employment
  • Education: College certificate or diploma

Requirements For A Catering Supervisor

Relevant requirements for catering supervisor at Pacific National Exhibition are essential information applicants should have/know in the process of applying for this opportunity.

  • You should have a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management and your high school certificate
  • Three years experience in catering and one year in a supervisory role
  • Applicant should know about food presentation, preparation, food safety also sanitation regulations
  • Having good leadership ability is a plus and team management skills
  • Strong communication skills and interpersonal skills
  • The applicant will work in a quick report and deadline-driven environment
  • Lifting heavy objects, and standing for longer periods
  • Your work includes weekends, holidays, and evening shifts

Responsibilities For A Catering Supervisor

Responsibility is the actual reality that we humans shy away from as most individuals are scared of accepting certain responsibilities at some stages of their life. However, Puppyxviral will not occupy your reading to get the job of a catering supervisor with a different topic, now let us get into the actual responsibilities.

Your job includes supervising and organizing catering activities, in Pacific National Exhibition likewise, menu drafting, supervising food preparation, and delivery services to each customer.

To oversee the catering team providing direction, training, likewise coaching to make sure all catering events are properly organized and your team members are conscious enough about menu items, allergens, and sauces.

Supervise every setup/breakdown of events by your team, making sure every piece of equipment and supplies is carefully maintained and handled perfectly.

As a catering supervisor, the high standards of food quality and customer service are your topmost priority at Pacific National Exhibition, also settling any difficulties or complaints.

The catering supervisor will manage supplies and equipment, and likewise order new supplies as needed.

Report on the financial performance of catering operations, ensure every revenue target is met also managing expenses diligently.

Building relationships with customers, and responding to customers’ inquiries and requests fast and professionally.

The industry is dynamic equipping yourself is the only way to stay ahead with new trends and best practices in the catering industry, and infuse them into catering operations as needed.

Who Can Apply For The Job Of A Catering Supervisor

Can everyone apply for this opportunity? Well, some jobs are not for everyone, especially in some locations.

This job opportunity for catering supervisor is mainly for persons based in Canada and applicants must be a Canadian citizen,

as a permanent or temporary resident of Canada. However, you should also have a valid Canadian work permit approved by the government that acknowledges you as eligible to work in the country.

How To Appy For The Job Of A Catering Supervisor

This opportunity at Pacific National Exhibition will require you to process it online at Job Listings at Pacific National Exhibition.

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