Top 13 International Scholarships To Watch Out For

There are many international scholarships on the internet but many might be misleading.

However, with proper research/observation, Puppyxviral has arranged for seventy-nine international scholarships you might want to hope for this year.

The programs include distance learning, bachelor’s degree, short courses, and master’s degree programs among many others.

Distance Learning Scholarships For International Students

Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships

The UK institutions relinquish the commonwealth scholarships, as the distance learning scholarships help international students from countries in recession/developing economies.

Nevertheless, the scholarship allows for master’s degree pursuit in any of the collaborating institutions with Commonwealth scholarships.

Edinburgh Global Distance Learning Scholarships

The Edinburgh Global Distance Learning Scholarship is basically for master’s students who want to study abroad. Scholarships will cover the full tuition fee for the period of 3 years according to your program duration.

University of the People Tuition Free Degrees

Associate and bachelor’s degrees are available in the University of the People program in business administration and computer science. Tuition fees are covered in the University of the People scholarships except for application charges and examination fees together at $150.

Short Courses/Training Scholarships for International Students

Hubert Humphrey Fellowships (USA)

The fellowship is like a per-time course for professionals from eligible countries for one year. The Hubert Humphrey fellowships provide for English tutoring, maintenance, transportation, and tuition fees for one year as the program lasts.

Global Undergraduate Exchange Program (UGRAD) (USA)

Global undergraduate exchange is a non-degree scholarship available for a year, full time with community service. The program covers your insurance/medicals, travel, tuition, and accommodation, as well as a fund for books.

Bachelors Scholarships for International Students

American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship (USA)

The AU scholarship is aimed at helping international students who are willing to study for a bachelor’s degree at the university. They make sure they impact the leadership potential of their folks who finally emerge into the American university scholarship.

Karen McKellin International Leader of Tomorrow Award at the University of British Columbia (Canada)

Bachelor’s post-secondary and secondary Leader of Tomorrow award at the University of British Columbia covers tuition and cost of living. International scholars around the globe are eligible for any program available at the University of British Columbia.

Reach Oxford Scholarships (UK)

Covers for a return flight ticket also tuition is included as any other college fees, the Reach Oxford Scholarships operate like the Commonwealth scholarships. Reach Oxford as the name implies, assists students from developing countries, probably under crisis to aid them in getting higher education.

UCL Global Undergraduate Scholarships (UK)

For International scholars who find it difficult to fund their higher education, the UCL global undergraduate scholarships are your chance. The global undergraduate scholarship program is offered for full-time degrees at the UCL institution, with up to thirty scholarships which the applicant’s tuition and allowance will be covered for.

Wells Mountain Foundation Scholarships for Developing Country Students (Any developing country)

Wells Mountain Foundation Scholarships offer about $300 to $3000 USD yearly to qualified applicants from underdeveloped countries. However, there are some other extra payments that come alongside the foundation scholarship for the well-being of international students.

Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarships (Australia)

Wavers are available in the University of Melbourne undergraduate scholarships, for students who wish to study abroad in Australia to be exact.

York University International Student Scholarships (Canada)

The scholarship award is from $80,000 to $180,000, for four years full-time program at York University, for international students. The University is known for multiple scholarships, as they find it rewarding to assist students across the world to come experience advanced education from a different view/concept.

Bachelors/Masters Scholarships for International Students

Macquarie University Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarships (Australia)

This scholarship is available for students outside ASEAN who wish to study in Australia for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree. The Macquarie University Vice Chancellors’ international scholarships is worth AUD$10,000 which can be used as tuition.

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