Accommodation Cost In Canada For International Students

Getting a higher education and accommodation in Canada is good for every international student, as it broadens your horizon.

This kind of education gives you a different perspective on life entirely as well as make a difference in every single thing you know.

Moving to study in Canada as a foreign student you should understand the area which accommodation costs in Canada if it is what you and your sponsors can afford because you are the one in charge of your accommodation bills in some cases.

However, the CIC does a background check to ascertain whether you could fund your study and the cost of accommodation in Canada as a foreign scholar before you will come to Canada, so prepare ahead for financial purposes before your travel.

The Fundamental Cost Of Learning And Living In Canada

The problem with every student in this period apart from getting admitted into the institution of their choice is first accommodation, cost of living and healthcare are the main costs the international student worries about.

And with these bills, many students wouldn’t want to apply to study in Canada as you must first show the Canadian immigration your financial backing and ability to finance your study.

An estimated 600 – 800 CAD has been calculated apart from housing, for every international student in Canada for monthly welfare.

Types Of Accommodation In Canada

Just like in every country, the cost of accommodation depends on the area and the kind of apartment you wish to rent. In Canada accommodation is paid for per month and Canada has 5 types of student accommodation.

Dormitories And Townhouses For Students

Townhouses are really nice and are different from dormitories, townhouses are not inside the institutions they are usually separate apartments that could contain 3-6 students at once.

However, they are equipped with hot water, a food court, and dining, now the two accommodation provides internet at an affordable cost.

Dormitories are large and could accommodate lots of students not unlike a townhouse that contains few international students.

Shared Apartment Or Condominium Off-Campus

This kind of apartment is for those international students that prefer staying in a living environment.

So the condominium is an off-campus house you have to share with other housemates and they share every other facility such as kitchen, living room, dining, and bathroom as well.

Apartment Rentals, Furnished Or Unfurnished

These rentals are most times furnished and have links on social media where you can access them easily.

All the information you need would be on their social media page or website, make sure to check for feedback and rating before making payment.

The Cost Of Living In Some Universities

Studying in Canada is more affordable if you are living on campus because they pay less for some institutions’ campus accommodations.

Their rent is from 3,000 – 7, 500 CAD yearly, just as I said, the cost will be determined by your location and choice of institution.

For instance, the University of Toronto campus accommodation fee is about; 1, 080 – 2, 982 CAD yearly and they have a large number of international students should be fun to stay there anyway,

and for the University of Montreal for campus accommodation you will pay 550 CAD per month this sounds expensive, right?

That is why most students here even as they have one of the finest environments and are ranked in the top 5, international students choose shared apartments because of the cost.

Cost Of Living In Canada

Now for starters, we will be putting out the cost, and expenses of living and getting higher education in Canada for Indian students who wish to travel to Canada for education as an example.

Living Cost In Canada Cost
Flight ExpenseINR 1,00,000- 2,00, 000/- per flight
Study Permit Fees$150 (INR 11,123)
Work Permit Fees$155 (INR 11,493)
IELTS Test FeesINR 14,700
Accommodation 5,000 – 10,000 CAD
(INR 2,67,000-INR 5,39,000) Per Annum
Travel Cost 80 – 110 CAD (INR 4,300-INR 6,000) Per Month
Health Insurance 300 – 800 CAD (INR 17,000-INR 44,000)
Food 300 – 400 CAD (17,508 INR-23,344) Monthly
Entertainment 750 CAD (43,770 INR) Monthly

Using The Internet

You should get student wifi access from your school as some institutions give free internet to their students.

However, if you want to have personal internet you would want to move around and search for cheap and reliable ones.

And for those without personal computers, you can make use of the computers in the library.


However, with every piece of information on this post, you can as well make more inquiries to confirm any information you don’t understand.

Because these accommodation prices can change at any time due to the government or institutional policy, also location and environment you choose to live in will determines the cost of the apartment as well.

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