Ph.D. Scholarships In Canada For African Students

Going for higher learning in Canada is amazing through scholarships in Canada for international students who wish to study overseas. In this post, we’ve made a rundown of those Ph.D. scholarships you might want to look out for.

Scholarships in Canada for African students are a good platform for different learning, however, if you are searching for a Ph.D. scholarship in Canada then explore through the last part of this post here on PuppyxViral.


Ph.D. scholars’ tuition is expensive they find it difficult to balance academic work and having an extra job that will pay for graduate school.

However, through scholarships in Canada, that is why many Ph.D. scholars achieve this height through open scholarships.

So, it is important for African students going for a Ph.D. to get sponsored through a scholarship to live easier as they study for this degree.

How to Apply for Ph.D. Scholarships in Canada

  • Improve your application
  • Find scholarships and colleges that provide financial aid to overseas students.
  • Apply for as many scholarships as possible to boost your chances.

Ph.D. scholarships are usually not easy to get but there are some paths you might want to try that will get you the scholarship you wish.

Digest and understand these steps in this post, Ph.D. scholarships in Canada as might help in your search and you will get a different result.

Ph.D. Organization

After every other degree, a scholar acquires in academic pursuit, the doctorate degree is a whole different level. not everyone could attain this height, as it is very demanding and expensive but with scholarships in Canada, one could achieve this dream.

We have the following degrees; Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) and Doctor of Education (EdD), whichever you wish to go for in Canada consider it as the climax level of academics and you should be prepared for it.

Ph.D. Duration

Before you start going for Ph.D. scholarships in Canada you must have your bachelor’s degree, however, you should understand that most Ph.D.

programs take longer than expected. Some majors require 3 years of research and in other cases, most take longer about 6 years to complete.

The Ph.D. Program In Canada

The program Ph.D. scholarships in Canada mostly begin with immediate research, practical research methodologies, and methodological concepts beneficial supplemental training in areas like teaching, presentation, and publication.

Internships and professional placements are mostly involved in the Ph.D. programs in Canada. but for those doing their Ph.D. in the United States, it is quite different.

You might spend 2 years or more teaching before you will finally choose a thesis project, which is usually supported by the university graduate school.

List Of Ph.D. Scholarships In Canada

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships (Vanier CGS

This Ph.D. program is for those with master’s programs in Engineering, Natural Sciences, Health, Social Sciences, or Humanities.

The qualities they look out for are high academic standards and values, leadership skills, and the ability to research.

University of Waterloo International Masters and Doctoral Awards

This Ph.D. program is interesting, as they do not only offer you a degree program but also a work permit to survey master’s and even doctorate programs in the institution as well.

However, it is valued at one thousand dollars a term, and for you to benefit you must be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or an international or study permit student.

The Ontario Graduate Scholarship

This program is open to citizens and international students and is based on excellence you will pay $15,000 per year or $5,000 every session depending on the duration of your research.

However, you must have the following to enter, a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada and also a master’s or doctorate degree.

Ontario Trillium Scholarship

This scholarship is valued for four years, for both international and Canadian students. However, you must continue to keep a good academic record and eligibility standards as well.

University of Calgary Graduate Scholarship Office

The Graduate School of Calgary grants their scholarship or is been determined by excellence, they set the same standard for international and domestic scholars.

However, if you wish to study for your Ph.D. at the University of Calgary it is estimated at $18,000 same amount is applicable to your master’s, and for a doctorate degree an estimate of $14,800.


A Ph.D. degree is a massive project for every academically inclined individual, the program I’d say is totally based on a thesis in any course of your study and a few examinations.

However, Canada is a great country for both you and your research and also for academic programs, because they offer good quality education to both international and domestic scholars.

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