Scholarships In Italy For International Students

Italy is a European country where international students are always welcome to study, the country has a significant portion of the Mediterranean Sea around it. Rome it’s capital they have a huge influence on Western culture which is home to Micheal Angelo and many other ancient wonders.

One of the famous architects who designed some beautiful parts of Italy you see today was also a sculptor and a painter. Italy has one of the most valued currencies (the Euro) they are not an English-speaking country as it is not their official/native language, the country is known for speaking Italian.

However, scholarships in Italy are really interesting as they offer the same opportunity to both citizens and international students.

Merited or otherwise scholarships in Italy can be accessed by international students and those living in the country be it government or private. However, during the course of this post, Puppyxviral has discovered amazing scholarships in Italy for international students for you to choose from.

University Of Pavia For International Students

The purpose of this type of scholarship is to welcome as many international students into Italy to see and learn from the rich civilization.  

The Italian Government believes that international scholars foster a generation of a highly global society, apparently, the University has decided to award about 120 tuition fee waivers.

Giving exemption from University tuition fees to every international student going for the selected degree programs in the 2023/2024 academic year however, the tuition fee waiver will be applicable only for the first year which will not be exceeded.

Italian Government Scholarships For International Students

From the beginning, you should understand we said earlier that the government in Italy grants scholarships to study in Italy for both international and Italian citizens resident abroad (IRE).

The scholarships opportunities are given to international students with interest in the following courses: Master’s Degree (Laurea Magistrale 2° ciclo), Dance (AFAM), Ph.D. program, Research under academic supervision (Progetti in co-tutela), Courses of Higher Education in Arts, Music, and Italian Language and Culture Courses.

Italian Government Scholarships for international students benefits include tuition fees, health insurance, and a monthly allowance however, international students can apply only for three, six, or nine-month scholarships through this medium.

Politecnico de Milano Merit-Based Scholarships For Foreign Scholars

Apart from the Italian Government, the Politecnico di Milano provides a number of merit-based scholarships for some brilliant international students who will be admitted to a master of science program.

International students eligible for this scholarship will pay for administrative fee of €200 and a scholarship of €5.000 to €10.000 yearly will also be awarded including a tuition fee waiver.

EDISU Piemonte Scholarships

The country has a way of attending to the need of scholars all over to participate in this kind of opportunity non-EU international students can now enroll in full-time Bachelor’s degree, Single Cycle Master’s degree, Master’s degree, and Ph.D. degree courses at one of the Universities of Piedmont.

This means the Politecnico of Torino, the University of Torino, and the University of Eastern Piedmont) are eligible to enroll for EDISU scholarships however, they must meet the merit and economic requirements of the EDISU competition.

Also, part-time scholars can apply if accepted in a bachelor’s degree program, in the EDISU scholarship amount varies depending on some conditions as accommodation service can also be granted to non-resident international students.

Bocconi Merit and International Awards

Bocconi University grants merit-certified scholarships to qualified international students to partake in any eligible Bachelor’s Program or Master of Science Program at Bocconi University.

However, the scholarship provides half to full tuition waiver with benefits of up to €13,000 yearly for the bachelor’s degree program, also for the master’s degree benefit is about €14,000 per year.

Padua International Excellence Scholarship Program

Scholarships in Italy for international students are a lot mention but here you have another amazing scholarship in Italy you might look into.

At the University of Padua, they also grant full scholarships to highly brilliant international students hoping to study for a first-cycle or second-cycle degree in English Language at Padova, also the Padua scholarship provides a subsistence allowance of about  €8,000 plus a tuition fee waiver.

Politecnico di Torino International Scholarships

Another scholarship you can look out for while in Italy or intending to get an opportunity to study in Italy is Politecnico di Torino international scholarships program.

The Politecnico di Torino grants scholarships to talented international students to archive academic success in some specific provided fields like Engineering and Architecture, if you have an interest or this is your field then here you go.

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