Masters Scholarship In Poland | Apply To Study In Poland

Masters scholarship in Poland offers quality education through their master’s scholarship programs and international scholars can access this kind of education in the country.

Nevertheless, if you have what it takes intellectually then you can enroll in this master’s scholarship and archive first-class honors in your preferred course in any of these countries, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia.

Before you can apply for a master’s scholarship in Poland you have to check if your country is eligible, and you have to pick among the five courses available in this program.

Why Study In Poland?

With the quality and level of education in Poland, the system there just like in other countries has the spilt between both private and government own institutions.

The country has its institution ranking in the QS world university and one of its own universities is on the higher ranking (University of Warsaw).

Most of the institutions in Poland offer more art-related course more than sciences but they also have departments for those in the sciences likewise.

The country is a good place to study and socialize with diverse individuals, Jagiellonian University recently is the highest rated in Poland as it is the oldest and in the top five hundred on the QS ranking.

Eligibility Requirements – Masters Scholarship in Poland

For your eligibility for the master’s scholarship in Poland:

  • You are a student applying from any of the mentioned eligible countries aforementioned and with proof of being a citizen of the qualified country by Birth or Naturalization.
  • Only Masters Applicant is eligible for the scholarship
  • Previous academic records will be needed in a Transcript format so as to affirm the last academic level attended
  • Your Bachelor’s degree must be the least qualification to present
  • Only students with interest in only the available courses that can be accessed with the scholarship are eligible for application.

Participating Universities

In this case, you should understand that in every scholarship it is a selected few institutions that usually come together to organize and support the idea. Nevertheless, in the master’s scholarship in Poland, these are the able universities that are participating.

  • Matej Bei University
  • Masaryk University
  • Jagiellonian University
  • University of Pecs

These institutions are the ones you will be enrolling with when your application is approved and not every applicant will be enrolled as well.

Eligible Nationalities

The institutions above are connected to each of these countries as they will be in charge to receive scholars coming to their universities through the master’s scholarship in Poland precisely.

Students in the eligible countries should apply for this scholarship as it is free and get a higher level of education in these preferred countries, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia.

  • Slovakia,
  • Polan,
  • Georgia,
  • Serbia,
  • Hungary
  • Armenia,
  • Bosnia,
  • Czechia,
  • Kosovo,
  • Azerbaijan
  • Macedonia,
  • Belarus,
  • Ukraine,
  • Albania,
  • Montenegro,
  • Herzegovina,
  • Northern Macedonia,
  • Moldova

Masters Scholarship In Poland

When you have provided all they need in the requirement and you are eligible for the scholarship in Poland, visit their website to submit your application. Note, all applications are to be done online in the master’s scholarship in Poland platform.

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