Eiffel Scholarships In France For International Students

There are many designated scholarships for international students in every country, with some attractive benefits alongside.

However, the Eiffel Scholarship is paramount in France and was also put together by the French Foreign Affairs Department.

This arrangement was made on the grounds to allow international students access to the country with easy passage to indulge in the Eiffel scholarships in French men’s land.

Nevertheless, the Eiffel Scholarship for international students is actually for masters and Ph.D. The system welcomes international students that are willing to achieve these heights in academics.

Host Institution(s):

French Universities And Academic Institutions

Level Of Study:

The Eiffel scholarship has a basic point the scholarship can take you, for those who wish to apply. They offer joint supervision of dissertations and dual degrees,

in partnership with a partner institution abroad, master’s degree program, engineering program, or a joint doctoral program likewise.

Field(s) Of Study:

Eiffel Scholarship in France for International Students have two fields and seven branches attached to them, they are:

  • For science and technology: Biology and health; Ecological transition; Mathematics and digital; Engineering Sciences.
  • For the humanities and social sciences: History, French language and civilization; Law and political science; and Economics and management.

Target Group:

International Students

Scholarship Value/Inclusions/Duration

This should be an interesting part of the Eiffel scholarship for international students. Generally, tuition fees are not taken care of by the scholarship they only take care of students’ international and national transportation, cultural activities, health insurance, and housing search.

The scholarship grants international students (for master’s) an allowance of about € 1,181 monthly for twelve to thirty-six months as the case may be.

And that is for individuals going for masters, now, for Ph.D. students, their allowance is for twelve-month max, €1,700 monthly.


However, it is important you look at that by yourself when applying to the Franch Higher Education Institution.

Application Instructions:

Now have in mind, your application won’t be accepted through you, rather you will do so at the French Higher Education Institutions.

While they proceed with the final submission of your Eiffel scholarship for international students on your behalf.

However, when applying you must meet the requirements of the French Higher Educational Institution standards.

Without these standards your application remains ineligible, nevertheless, early application is key as their forms will be available from November to December 2022.

And the application for Campus France, the deadline is the 10th of January 2023, for more information and how to apply appropriately move over to their website at The Eiffel Scholarship Program.

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